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Living hurts

A twisted smile and tangled thoughts mixed up feelings and jumbled words not all pain is suffered the same but sadness burns through my veins a smile so sweet and thoughts so tender a heart that beats and words that anchor so you wouldn't know of the sadness inside or the pain I have to hide… Continue reading Living hurts

mental illness

I think I’m alone now

Albeit sometimes fragile, I have worked hard since my diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder in an attempt to gain some stability and elbow room from the illness. Though I am yet to start DBT (the recommended therapy for BPD), I’d like to think I am doing relatively well. After-all, I am a soon to be… Continue reading I think I’m alone now

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Is mental illness like physical illness?

Mental illness is a private experience that is better off shared. I often ask myself the question, ‘if I don’t breathe life into my mental illness with words, will it go away?’ As though if I ignore my mental ill-health and don’t talk about it, pretending that it doesn’t exist, I suddenly won’t be mentally… Continue reading Is mental illness like physical illness?